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Studio Commercial Tax Dr.Walter Galasso is located in Via Roma n.87, Fano (Pesaro) -Marche (Italy) - Phone: +390721827854 - http://www.studiowaltergalasso.it and www.commercialistipesaro.com.
Address and Contact Information
Via Roma n.87
61032 Fano (PU)
Tel. 0721/827854
Fax. 0721/827854
studiogalassowalter@libero.it and walter.galasso@libero.it
Opening Hours
The study is open to the public from Monday to Friday observing the following schedule:
morning 9.00 - 13:30
On Tuesday and Thursday observing the following schedule:
afternoon 14:30 - 18.00
Closed on Saturday
Studio Commercial Tax Dr. Walter Galasso    
This presentation is a quick summary of the activities and profile of the Study of the Commercial Tax Dr. Walter Galasso. To learn about our firm, please visit the site using the menu above to navigate the various sections.    
The Studio Commercial Tax for over twenty five years working professionally in the areas of business consulting, tax, accounting, corporate, contractual and labor.
The services are aimed at companies, individual businesses, professionals, individuals and local authorities and non-commercial entities.
The firm carries out administrative, accounting, tax and financial businesses, the accounting for the preparation of financial statements or interim, the tax return (MOD. SOLE: 760, 750, 740: MOD.730) VAT returns, IRAP and studies Sector.
Performs processing of payroll, draw up employment contracts, hiring practices and / or dismissal of employees, draw up models of self assessment and Inail Models 770 to substitute tax.
Commercial Studies Tax assists clients in the field of corporate finance ordinary and extraordinary; for years, has management control and offers businesses a valid programming and planning to counter the unstable market.
The study analyzes the organizational structure, planning and control processes, draw up budgets and operational business plans, conducts audits and internal auditing.    
Also assists its customers from the beginning of opening a business, advising the legal form most appropriate and suitable for the performance of the same. Please extraordinary corporate transactions, such as mergers, conversions, sales of company or branches of it, the sale of shares, contributions and business liquidations.  
Dr. Walter Galasso appraisals accounting processes for evaluating company or family assets, run applications to access the composition procedure and asserts, as a professional, the report under dell'art.161, paragraph 3 RD 03/16/42 No. 267, modified with L.14 / 3/2005 No. 35.
Dr. Walter Galasso, born in 1963, graduated in Economics from the University of Ancona in 1988. And 'member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Pesaro and Urbino at No. 195 / A.
And 'entered in the Register of Auditors held by the Ministry of Justice under No. 25772, as reported in the Official Gazette N ° 31 bis of 21/4/1995.
His training and careers led him to acquire different certificates of qualification and experience in the field of teaching as well as collaboration with other Business Studies.
Vocational qualification certificate of Technical Direction Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises (Corso TODA Enaip Ancona).
Vocational qualification certificate of programmer of electronic computers (Selective Ancona). 
He taught for more than five years the subject "Technical Disciplines business" at the ITC Bramante of Fano, at the I.P.S. "Branch" and I.T.C. "Leonardo da Vinci" of Pesaro.
He worked for several years with the National President of Accountants Dr.William Santorelli. He has held and still holds the position of chairman of the supervisory board in several companies such as: Margheritissima Srl, Bionature Agribusiness Srl (Group companies Amadori S.p.A.).
It 'was a member of the supervisory board of: Miramonti Leather Srl, Vama SpA, Lampetti Srl, Tomassoni Srl, Bitis Srl, Salumificio Fraticelli Srl, Fortune SpA, Astoria Salus Srl, G & G Srl, Consortium Naval Italian Fishing, Adriatic Green Power SpA, as well several real estate companies.   
Since 1991 he has held continuously for six years as auditor with Local Authorities: San Giorgio di Pesaro, Saltara, Fossombrone, Ersu Urbino, the National Agency for the Right to Education, City of Pergola.
It 'been for over 10 years a member of the supervisory board of Aset Spa Services in the Territory of Fano, where he served for three years, from the post of president.    
Collaborated for over twenty-five years with the Court of Pesaro as a Technical Consultant, Judicial Commissioner, liquidator, trustee in bankruptcy, as well as Managing Director of Sales in execution procedures estate.   
Prepares appraisals to assess dues and companies, capital assets, stocks, receivables and payables. Assists clients before the Tax Commission with preparing appeals.
Personally prepares the appeals brought by the owner of company for admission to a pre-bankruptcy and asserts, in other cases, the report of the professional, having the requirements, in support of the proposed concordat, as provided by 'current bankruptcy laws.
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